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27 May 2008 @ 10:06 am
I randomly decided to ask my friend/ex-floormate Sharmeen...

Me: please be honest. do you think that our floormates thought that I was weird?
Sharmeen: honestly? i think they did. why?
Me: hahaha, I'm not surprised. like in what way, do you think? just curious
Sharmeen: well, i think you actually have quite a unique personality - you give off a 'i don't take any shit' sort of attitude - and i think a lot of people can't handle that. also, you don't come across as a 'typical girl' - maybe they thought it was 'weird' you had guitar hero, etc. and you know what? it could have just been that they didn't see you that often. perhaps they mistakenly took it as you being 'anti-social.' that's my two cents, honestly :)
Me: Thank you. :D good to know that I give off that sort of attitude. really, I'm actually happy to hear that
Sharmeen: haha, no problem. seriously, it's just a case of you not 'fitting the mold.' people just aren't very accepting. i like that aspect of you - no one will take advantage of you, etc. - which is very admirable. :)
Me: thanks :)
Sharmeen: And I think guys are intimidated by that too :p
Me: part of me felt like they also just didn't think I was cool enough or something, like there was a loserish aspect to it too though.
Sharmeen: again, being honest - i think they did think that. :( again, it's because you don't 'fit the mold.'
Me: oh well, not my problem for them being presumptuous. of course if they sit around watching Seinfeld all day and are into idle chit chat and praising people like Dane Cook, you can't really expect me to express myself and show off my personality in that type of environment. I did get that loserish vibe more from the girls, though I think
Sharmeen: well, there ya go - everyone's different, ya know? GIRLS ARE THE WORST

The funny part is, I notice that people are even like this online, on messageboards, despite the fact that they don't even really know me. I don't cave into the peer pressure and conform, so either they ignore me, or when they do talk to me, they're almost patronizing or just flat-out rude/accusatory. Loving the insecurities!
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Samanthaloveberlinxo on May 27th, 2008 11:50 pm (UTC)
Why bother being flakey or something you're not? I respect the hell out of you for not changing.
Ghost of the Sunincendiare on June 6th, 2008 03:00 am (UTC)
Thanks! Flakey is the perfect word to desribe the sheeple. Honestly. Imagine a world without conformity, peer pressure, closemindedness, etc. Wow.