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Ghost of the Sun
11 March 2008 @ 05:15 pm
Ha, funny story. We started reading a book in German today and it made a reference to Moskau, Moskau and how it was forbidden in the DDR.  My prof wanted to show us the music video at the end of class and loaded this one without knowing that the English subtitles weren't an actual translation, but an interpretation.  A minute went by before she realized what was going on and stopped it.  I think the sucking dick part really did it. Kids were asking her who the hell Bill is.  I was sitting in the back trying so hard not to laugh. 

I finally watched V for Vendetta last night and I'm planning on seeing Sweeney Todd at the theatre on Thursday.  Yay for movies.
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08 March 2008 @ 02:02 pm
The future is looking hazy and I'm not liking it.  Courses for next year went up and apparently they're not offering a course that I need in order to graduate, at least it currently seems like it.  Perhaps they only offer it every second year?  If that is a case, I'd have to stay a whole extra year just for one fucking course.

Actually, since it wasn't offered this winter term, perhaps it's every second fall term, which I hope since that means that I'll just have to stay for one extra term instead.  And if that happens, I'm thinking of moving a couple of next year's courses to that extra term so I can still be a FT student  which means that I can still live at this residence. 

In fact, it may be a good thing.  If this happens, it'll mean that I can use my last elective for Indian Ensemble.  I can finally learn to play the sitar!  The reason why it has been sketchy before is despite the fact that it's a full-year course, you only get enough credit as you would for a one-term course, and normally that can really screw with your schedule.  Since I'll be moving two courses to that last extra term, Indian Ensemble won't mess it up since I'll have extra room for that weird overlap.  Yay!

Eh, if this happens I won't be able to stay on the Dean's Honour list since you need to take five courses per term in order to qualify, but whatever.  I don't care.  My happiness means more than a random insignificant title that you get nothing for anyway.

Also, if this happens, I won't have to bother with spring session, which means that I still may be able to be a culture instructor at Vasa camp this summer (it's a Swedish summer camp for kids where they want me to teach them Swedish and stuff). 

And if it works out this way, then maybe I'll just stay at Roots after all since I can work a couple shifts a week during the school year too since I won't be taking as many courses.

Although it sucks that I'll have to wait an extra eight months before moving to Sweden, oh well.  I'm kind of liking this plan too, so I'd be happy if this happens.

To think that just one course can affect your life so much.  Because of it, my living situation may be different, the other courses that I may be taking may be different, my job may be different, and so on.
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05 March 2008 @ 02:24 pm
I cancelled my plans to visit Switzerland but oh well, it's for the best. I realized that I should use that money towards Sweden instead since I'll be moving there next summer and I wouldn't be surprised if you need a whole shitload of money just to get into the country, let alone get settled in and stuff. Besides, vacationing in Europe will be a lot cheaper once I actually live there.

We're experiencing the most perfect weather here right now, at least in my opinion. It's been hovering around 0 and it's totally awesome. I just hope it won't get warmer anytime soon because I still want to go skating. I bought these awesome skates back in January but still haven't tried them yet since my friend keeps on humming and hawing about where we can go even though I've found like 3424923 places to skate. Ugh.

This year is going by so freaking quickly.  Only 6 or so weeks left, but I have quite a bit to do before then, like two term papers and a project.  I'm also rather conflicted about jobs because while I can go back to Roots, I've been thinking of applying for the student summer housekeeping job on campus since I live here already, plus I'll be making $3/hour more.  The only problem is that I am not sure about the odds of getting that job.  Oh well, I have some time to think about it.
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28 February 2008 @ 09:23 pm
You know when people say that you shouldn't gather all of your eggs in one basket? Yeah well, instead we're talking about putting dozens and dozens of eggs into a mini-van and then rolling the vehicle, smashing every single one, kind of like what my cousin did before my aunt had a chance to take them to the farmer's market one fine Saturday afternoon. Anyway...

Meet Acquaintance J. J thinks that he can speak 15 different languages.

You know those people whose actions and views disturb you so much that in a way, you wish you could get inside their mind to see how it works, but in the end, that very idea is just too disturbing in itself so in the end you just don't even want to know? Yeah.

I don't know exactly how many he claims that he can speak, but so far I at least know that he tells people that he speaks/studies the following: German, Spanish, Tagalog, Japanese, Norwegian (both Bokmål and Nynorsk), Danish, Swedish, Old Norse, Polish, Hungarian, Russian, Dutch...

The funny part? Take this for example. One time at a party, I was visiting with a friend when he came along and started talking about languages as usual (that and his homosexuality are the only two things he ever wants to talk about) and made this random comment about how he can speak Polish. As a side-note, he has studied it for a year, but that is what makes this even more amusing. Interested, my friend perks up and says, "Wow, say something in Polish!" "...well I don't know what to say..." "How about 'my name is' then." Alright, pretty standard, basic phrase. It should fall out of his mouth no problem eh? Heh. He couldn't even think of the pronoun that the phrase begins with. So, you speak Polish, eh?

Delusional? That word runs through my mind practically every time I see his face. Apparently when he first started out Norwegian, not even two weeks into the course, he randomly went up to one of my friends and told him straight-up, "I'm going to see to it that I get better at this language than you." What?

Yeah, btw, I forgot to mention he is one of the most competitive people I have ever met. The sad part is he is very aware of the fact that he is, but embraces it and actually thinks it is healthy. His competitiveness is anything but.

So yeah, over last summer, he randomly decided that Danish is the greatest language in the world and decided to now focus on that for his degree. Then when the year started he picked up one of those learn-it-yourself books for Swedish and now thinks that he can speak it as well as I can. HAHAHAHAHA. I mean, it could happen, but considering the fact that he can't speak a single foreign language without fucking it up big-time...

He is so "obnoxious" - as one of my friends puts it, and it's honestly the perfect word to describe him - that he would try to speak Swedish with me and actually think that he was. All he was doing was speaking really bad Norwegian and on top of that, cutting and pasting random Swedish words into his speech. Notice I said would. Past tense.

Well. One day he was trying to ask my friend and me about some Swedish stuff:

J: If "semester" means vacation in Swedish, then what is the Swedish word for "semester"?
Me: Term.
J: Then what is "term" in Swedish?
M: Term.
J: Nonono, you don't understand. What is the Swedish equivalent of the word "term"?
M: Uh, it's term.
J: Yeah but...
M: Look, they just have one word for it. They're both fucking "term".

He kind of paused for a second and said ok, but after he started to attempt to speak Swedish (keyword: attempt) to me and at that point I said, "I refuse to speak to you in any other language other than English." At that point I had enough. He always tries to speak to me in Swedish even though he can't. He tries to speak German and he can't. Granted I can't either but that is why I don't go around acting as if I do?

Heh, so he went to my friend who he earlier threatened about doing better than he at Norwegian and told him that he thinks I was trying to compete with him. Compete? Where the fuck do you see any competition in there? He was being an ignorant douchebag. You'd think a person would sooner think that you were competing if you were in fact actually conversing with said person in whatever other language, but apparently nowadays NOT speaking to someone to show off your knowledge is competition too?

He claims that he likes talking to people in other languages because he thinks it is good practice. Uh no, I can totally see through his competitiveness, and I can tell that whenever he talks to others, he does to see if he can outshine them, to prove to himself that wow, I can speak to all of these people in all of these different languages, and to top that off, I'm better than all of them. That is why I refuse to speak to him in any other language, because it's like feeding fuel to the fire. I'd be contributing to the ignorant monster that is materializing before our very eyes. I have a lot of experience practicing speaking to others in different languages, so I can tell very easily when people want to do it just for fun and for good lighthearted practice, or when they want to try and compete with you.

I don't think he sees it, but he is constantly trying to compare himself to others. Take the beginning of the year when we were first starting the Old Norse course, for example. Our prof was finally getting us to read aloud for the first time, and I admit, I was kind of nervous at first because it's pretty intense stuff. Apparently I really impressed my professor (and it takes a lot to do that) and I was way better than anyone else, even the girl who studied Icelandic in Iceland last summer, and we're using Icelandic pronunciation when reading Old Norse, so WTF. Well one day after class, I told J that I was surprised what the prof said to me, and J said, "Yeah, well even I was surprised. I was sitting there thinking. 'Wow, she has the phonology down better than I do.'" Better than you? No, you couldn't just say, "Yeah you do read really well!" or whatever. It's always comparing himself to others, because after all, it's an absolute shock to him when someone points out that someone is intellectually superior to him.

It reminds me of the second time ever when we were translating an Old Norse passage and I missed out on what one word meant so I asked him and he started saying something but it was all muffled and I didn't know what the fuck he was saying (btw, in general it's very hard to understand him, even in English. As one of my friends has said, "You can't tell when one word ends and when another begins.") so finally he wrote on my paper what he was saying, which was "mycket," the Swedish word for "very." After writing it, he gave me the most arrogant look like, "Heh, see, I know that." Uhhhh ok, I know it in Danish despite the fact that I haven't even studied the language, but do you see me acting like you?

He is always trying to show everyone up in class. You know those typical assholes who always try to answer first and answer regardless of whether or not they even know the answer? He does this all of the time. Or whenever my prof tries to give certain students hints what a particular word in Old Norse means (like turning to the Swedes and saying, "Try replace the à with an å... þà, då...") he is already scrambling to answer before any of the Swedish students even though he doesn't know it.

No, he's not just an ignorant douchebag in the world of language. Going back to the part of being utterly afraid of what must go on in his mind, he has this disturbing talent of equating random irrelevant things to each other.

Example: He was asking me how I was liking my German prof at the time and I casually said how I really like her, and how obviously I do since I had her the semester before and made a point of registering in her class again at the first opportunity that was given to me. I did however say that the program itself isn't as good as it was last year, and how yeah, even though she does seem to mark us quite a bit harder, she is still an excellent prof, nonetheless. You know what the douchebag did? He walked up to her one day (keep in mind that she doesn't even know who the hell this guy is):

J: So I heard you're a hard marker.
Prof: Yeah? Who said that?
J: People.
Prof: Well I guess they just can't take it then.

WTF? What was the point? What did he want her to say? What was he expecting to get out of it? Why?! A couple months later he ran into a friend and me while we were looking over our German essays that we just got back and he came along and part of the conversation went like this:

J: Hey what's up?
M: Not much. We're just looking over the German essays that we got back.
J: Ooooooh... so how is that course going?
M: Not bad. The program itself is still bullshit but I'm still glad to be in Dr. Kost's class again.
Friend: (agrees)
J: Oh, so you like her again?
M: What do you mean "again"? When did I ever say that I didn't?
J: You said that she is a hard marker.
M: Uh no, I said that she has been marking us harder but even then, that doesn't necessarily mean that I don't like her.
J: Oh...

Best part? A few days after he told my professor that, she walked past my classmates and me as we were waiting for the people in the classroom from the previous class to clear out, and she saw me standing next to him. Keep in mind that the Scandinavian department is insanely small, and how many students on campus study both German and any Scandinavian language? So gee, I wonder what was going through my prof's mind when she saw me standing next to him? Thanks, J.

Actually, before he ran into my friend and me, he was just coming back from a linguistics experiment that I also did earlier that day. Ok background... all it was was displaying "novel English words" (they were basically just possible English phonemes) and well before getting into the discussion about German and my supposed dislike for my prof, we talked about this, and he started going off saying shit like, "Wow, there were a few Scandinavian words in there and supposedly, there was even a Chinese word." Supposedly? As if the computer program actually told you that it was or something? I tried to explain the concept of a phoneme to him, and how they were novel English words, which is what they fucking tell you before you even start. Uh yeah, /fik/ means something in various Scandinavian languages, but guess what, it can mean something in 20 other languages too. Fucking idiot.

Another golden story displaying his unnecessary stupidity. A first-year Swedish student made a plan to gather all of the Swedish students and surprise Marianne by going to her house on Sankta Lucia and singing to her. J knew about it but rightfully wasn't invited since he's not her Swedish student and oh yeah, he can't even at least partially speak the damn language?

St. Lucia was a huge hit, and while Marianne treated us to some glögg and pepparkakor, she was telling us how surprised she was, but that one of the students in the department almost slipped up and told her. I mentally rolled my eyes and had thoughts that I am sure are really obvious at this point, so when a bunch asked her who it was and she said J, I almost said straight aloud, "Why am I not surprised..." She proceeded to tell us how this whole thing happened a few nights earlier at the Scandinavian Christmas party. While she was talking to him:

J: So, did the kids came and sing at your door?
Marianne: No... (she thought maybe he was asking about previous years)
J: Well don't your students come over to your place for St. Lucia?
M: (still completely baffled)
J: Oops, guess I let the cat out of the bag!

What. the. fuckity fuck. The convo was actually longer and he said more shit along the same lines, but her reactions and responses clearly showed that she didn't know about it and that it didn't even happen yet, so he must have been saying it on purpose to try and blow our cover otherwise he wouldn't have said anything about letting a cat out of a fucking bag. He was being a sheer asshole, unless he is really that dumb. I love how Marianne worded it though. While she was telling this story, she told us how at the time she thought nothing of it because J "says silly things all the time anyway." Oh snap.

Apparently at the language table later that day he bitched out the girl who organized this because he didn't get to be a part of it, and he was really angry that he wasn't invited. She told him point blank that he isn't a Swedish student and it was meant for them. He was still whining like a little baby, and I think she pretty much told him that he had no right to comment on it like he did to Marianne earlier.

So um, does this mean that my Learn Spanish in 10 Minutes a Day book that is collecting dust on my washer is my ticket to barge into the Spanish club and demand to be part of all of their affairs because I personally think that I study Spanish as equally as they do?

Sadly, it was his Facebook page that inspired me to write this. Up until a couple days ago, his profile page included nothing but Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Japanese, and German. Not a single word in English, and it's still like that. He edited it so he plainly got rid of everything except for Danish and Swedish, and now has Dutch on there too, plus Russian and Finnish word-of-the-day applications. To top that off, he deleted all of the comments on his wall that were in English. Who does he think he is? That is disgustingly rude. "You're not boosting my ego and/or painting a false picture with me for the world to see and making me look like someone I'm not, plus you're not convincing people that I am so good at other languages that I don't even need English, so therefore I'm not going to acknowledge you"?

The hypocrisy of it all is that all of his updates are always rants about the ignorance in this world, and telling people to back off and leave him alone and how people don't get stuff, or I don't know. Random crap like that, of course written in other languages. Dude, you are the last person who should be talking about ignorance.

God, there's so much jaw-droppingly ignorant shit that he does and says but I think you all get my point. I'd be surprised if anyone actually got this far, let alone even bothered with the first line, but seriously, I think he is a good example of the ignorance that is running rampant, which is my main reason for talking about this. Have I mentioned that he is around 28?

So yes, all of those eggs in the mini-van represent his brain cells. Either that or his attempts to actually speak a foreign language coherently, let alone understand the mere concept of semantics, or the simplest, most straightforward elements of life for that matter. FAIL.
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17 February 2008 @ 08:28 pm
Hate abusing this thing because when I finally get off my ass to actually write something, it turns into an atrociously long mess. This shall inevitably happen.

School has been keeping me busy. My courses are fun, but very time-consuming. My Old Norse prof has finally been warming up to me, which is great because the rose-coloured glasses that he seems to put on for his pet somewhat affects me sometimes. He gave me an A last term! WTF! And it was a grad-level class too, so guess Marianne wasn't shitting me when she said that he was impressed with me.

Norwegian is so awesome, but at the same time it can get a bit boring since it's basically like simplified Swedish. Don't get me wrong, I love Marianne, but I don't exactly agree with her policy of marking me harder because of my Swedish and because I'm in general a stronger student. For example, I got 98 on the midterm I just wrote instead of 100 because she deducted a couple of marks on the written part even though it was practically flawless save for a Swedish expression I accidentally used and a Norwegian word that I saw once in an online dictionary but nowhere else, and it might not be correct. She would have given anyone else 100 hands down, but oh well. Still raking in the A+'s so I shouldn't complain.

Reading Week started a couple of days ago, and although it's too bad that I ended up cancelling my plans to go to Banff, in a way it's good since I need to write a German essay, Norwegian response to an article, read three different things for my Scandinavian Immigration class, study for the Linguistics midterm that I have as soon as I come back, and attempt to translate an Old Norse manuscript.

Also! It works out in the end because I can now use the money that I would have spent for Banff towards the hopefully happening trip to Switzerland during the summer! I also might go to France and Italy. My friend and I are planning on doing this. I really hope it happens since I haven't even so much been on a plane before.

Rather disappointing that I've been experiencing paresthesia in my left hand since mid-December. The EMG revealed that I have no nerve-blockage thankfully, but still, when/if this thing will go away is hard to tell. Really makes you open your eyes how we take so many things for granted.

My mom and dad finally got a legal separation before Christmas so that asshole is finally out of the house. Because he can't manage his money, he was supposed to find a trustee. He hasn't been able to and instead was getting a bit of money wired over to him to stay in a hotel in Edson while his family was supposed to help him find a job and stuff.

So yeah, one day a couple weeks ago, my mom got a call from the police saying that they found his truck abandoned in the middle of nowhere, and that he is missing. My Grandma and brother thought he was dead since over a week passed and there was no sign of him anywhere. He ended up calling my mom last week for more money. Apparently he is in some town not far from Edmonton working now or something, so my mom's lawyer decided that she'll use the money as bait so he could sign divorce papers. He signs them, he gets the money trustee-free. And that is what happened a few days ago. My mom needs to wait for a while before the two-week period passes so he can't appeal or anything like that. He better not.

Annoying topic, I know, but Garrett is pulling his shit on me again. He hasn't replied to me since the beginning of November even though he is the one who started this crap again in the first place. Turns out he got a new girlfriend, so that explains why he is pretending that I don't exist once again. I have decided to block him on Facebook since he obviously uses it to spy on me but I'll give it a bit more time. Not that I'm giving him time, or another chance. Just that I may have to face getting an eyeroll-of-an-email from him wanting to know why I blocked him or acting all innocent and what not like he has before, and I just don't need that right now. He can fuck off, thank you.

This thirty-some-year-old Swedish dude from the Scand club has been hitting on me and I'm majorly insulted. Why? Because he's a player. I've heard the stories and despite having an incredibly low self-esteem, I can admit that I am all too good for that.

Maybe I shall leave my philosophizing on how brainwashed the vast majority of people are for another time.
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28 May 2007 @ 11:48 pm
Three weeks into my job, I finally cut myself. It was going to happen sooner or later. Yeah. I work at a German imported goods store, by the way. Why? To practice my German.

I saw Lacuna Coil and the Gathering the other night and the Gathering were amazing. I think they are now my favourite band that I saw live. Just wow. Anneke totally kicks Cristina's ass.

And I bought tickets to the Moody Blues and Jethro Tull! I am so excited for both. Tickets cost an arm and a leg though.

I finally live alone. You have no idea how good it feels. It's expensive but worth it.
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18 March 2007 @ 09:40 pm
Haven't written since October. Whoops? I've been so busy that I don't even have the time to do all of my schoolwork. That is how much that I have.

Actually, I shouldn't even be doing this now, as I have three term papers due by the end of the month, not to mention quizzes, assignments, and presentations all of the time. And forget about all of the readings that I need to do. It would be nice if I could even get half of those done.

It's getting to the time of the year when I am pretty much forced to start skipping classes just to do the work for them. Yay.

A good thing is that Garrett is back in my life again, and this year's floormates are a billion times better than last year.

Hope everyone is doing well. I feel bad that I haven't been reading everyone's entries.
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04 October 2006 @ 04:18 pm
Det här år är bättre än förra året, såtillvida. Jag tycker om mina klasser. Svenska är häpnadsväckande, naturligtvis, och jag njuter tyska, men jag tror att min professor hatar mig eller något. När jag säga något i klass, tittar hon på mig och om hon säger inget, säger hon något plumpt istället. Häromdagen, lärde hon oss länder på tyska och ville spela ett spel. Hon skulle säga ett land och vi skulle säga någons namn som kommer från landet. Hon blev uttråkad, så hon ville oss att säga ett namn av en TV-kändis och hon skulle gissa var personen kommer från. Det där är enkelt, nej? Ingen sa något, däremot, så jag tänkte säga något. När jag sa Göran Persson, sa hon, "Jag vet inte som det där är." Det var kusligt. Jag sa då (på tyska), "Göran Persson kommt aus Schweden," och hon glodde och sa, "Vad du säger än." Va? I alla fall... två dagar senare, skrev vi en mitt på terminen, den första tentan för vi har två stora tentor, redan. Synbarligen, fick jag det högsta betyg, 98, som är trist för jag har varit sjuk och trodde att jag inte skulle göra bra på grund av det. Nu, är jag förvirrad för jag trodde att hon tycker att jag är en stekare, men människor tycker att hon tycker annorlunda.

Musik är rolig. Vi lyssna på musik och min professor är så älskvärd. Vi har en tenta om en vecka och jag hoppas att jag ska göra bra på det. Lingvistik är okej. Jag fick 100 på varje läxa, såtillvida. Jag vet att den där klass ska bli svårare. Skandinavisk är löjeväckande, däremot, Jag hörde att professoren tycker inte om att lära och jag tror att jag kan se det där. I går, lärde oss hur att uttala allt på isländska på fem minuter och alla var så bortkomna. Mina anteckningar har aldrig varit så bökiga. Han pratar så snabbt och du måste uppehåller. Ugh.

Jag kan inte vänta till fredag för jag kan åka hemåt för Thanksgiving. Det där låter ironiskt och jag kan inte tro det, men det skulle vara fint.
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27 July 2006 @ 04:43 pm
Herre Gud! Den här vecka är så underbar. Min öga förordnande på sondag var bra och när jag var där, köpte jag utmärkta saker på HMV, som en MDB DVD, Summonings Stronghold, Ren & Stimpy, Romeo & Juliet, och Depps Charlie & the Chocolate Factory. Ja, jag städade hus.

Min MDB DVD är vacker. Jag älskar den så mycket, även mer än min Katatonia DVD. De är så häpnadsväckande. Jag vill också gifta mig med Andrew. *suck* De är så fräsiga.

Och. Jag fick också min End Records köporder i dag! Det där var snabbt. Häftligt! Min Katatonia 10" LP är nu min värdefull ägodel. Här är några bilder...

SkräckinjagandeCollapse )

Å! Jag fick SOTU biljetter så jag ska se In Flames.
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11 July 2006 @ 07:41 pm
Jag känner mig som skit, i dag. För det första, ville jag åka se Children of Bodom i kväll, men när jag gick till Ticketmaster klockan tolv, sa kvinnan att biljetter sålde ut. Det där är varför jag köper mina biljetter när de går till salu. Skälet varför jag inte köper det tidigt är därför att min bror inte visste om han skulle åka och jag ville inte köpa mitt biljett tills han bestämde. Mötesplatsen är i en lurig plats av stadet och jag ville inte åka ensam. Också, känner jag inte någon annan som tycker om metall som kunde åka med mig. Människor övertygade mig att åka ensam i går, men det är alltför sent nu.

Jag skulle köper SOTU biljetter innan de säljer ut också. Jag ska göra det där i morgon.

Katatonia ska komma till Kanada, men de inte ska komma till Edmonton, så jag är mycket arg, naturligtvis. Jag vill se dem i San Fransisco den November 4 men det där skulle innebära massa av planer.

Också, dog Syd Barrett och det där är mycket ledsent.

Children of Bodom spela antagligen just nu... ugh.
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